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Lesson Fees
Online Payment

Dear Students & Parents,

How you pay for you/your child's 

lessons may be changing. 

Payment fees will be collected

on a per-lesson basis, and there

are now more ways to pay.


Please take a look at these

changes below:


Starting March 2024

  • All payments will be made on a per-lesson basis.

  • Payment is collected on the day of the lesson, or Sunday of that week.

  • A missed lesson will be refunded immediately if it has been paid in advance and is canceled 24+ hours in advance.

See below for full cancellation policy

  • Payments are made directly, payable to Alex Goodhart.

  • You can make a payment with Cash/Personal Check, Online Transfer, or Debit/Credit Card:

How to Pay Online

Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 10.00_edited.j
Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at

1. Go to 

or click "Payments" at the top of this page.

2. Show payment options by putting your cursor over  "Online Payments"

3. Click to be taken to the

payment page.


For Credit/Debit Only:

You will be taken to 

my payment portal on

Continue by pressing

"Lessons Gigs & Tips"

Enter your card details

and check out. Your payment info is not seen by me.

Card payments include a processing fee


Check box "Cover processing fees"

Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 10.00_edited.j


Lessons are given at weekly or biweekly (Composition-only) intervals. Non-recurring or short-term lessons are not normally offered.

Time slots are given on a first-come basis

and can be held for the length of an academic year. 

1 )  If a scheduled lesson is cancelled without at least 24 hours notice,

payment is not waived

2 )  If a student is sick or has an emergency, they can make it up

with an additional lesson 

within two weeks at no cost

3 )  Nonpayment by time-of-lesson prevents you or your child from receiving a lesson; the lesson

will not take place.

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