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Whether the performance of old or new music, work to get a creative project rolling, or tutoring the study of music as a pianist or a composer: I am excited for the opportunity to help!
Private Teaching Overview
- Private one on one, or small group lessons
- Students of piano age 6 and up
- Student of music theory and composition age 12 and up
- Lessons offered in your home or at a private studio (San Francisco only)
My Teaching Philosophy
The goal of lessons is not to memorize and mimic, but to engage with any piece of enjoyable music and get to know it inside and out. This helps new students understood the new language of music written on paper, and more experienced students to take that language firmly into their control. Importantly, lessons should always be a combo of fun and hard work!
Young students will learn various exercises on and away from the keyboard (also utilizing their writing and vocal skills) to develop a flexible foundation and their "musical eyes and ears". Technique and theory will be an important complement to recital-ready performance music.
Older or more experienced students will work on repertoire in various genres and be particularly attentive to style and interpretation. Musicianship exercises such as piano etudes or sight singing will be used to strengthen the ear and mind, in tandem with an artistic study to enhance the ambiguous quality that is "musicality." 

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For inquiries from prospective students or collaborative opportunities, please send me a message below! (or, leave a voicemail at 215.570.7949)

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